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The statistic is a branch of mathematics dealing with collection, analysis and presentation of data in the desired form. The statistic is mainly used in the field of scientific calculation, industrial and social problems where the data is collected, analysed and compared to get accurate information. The statistics may look easy subject but is very complex subject. The main base of this subject is a calculation, and there are different calculation operations in statistics. The statistics are among the common subjects of different universities, and many students show their interest in pursuing their master’s or PhD scholars in this field. Many reasons compel students to take online assignment help from professional writers for their assignments. One of the main reasons is complexity in calculation operations of statistics. The students find it difficult to do calculations in statistics using various calculation procedures. Thus, assignmenthelp4me assist students in preparing quality statistics assignments.

What is Statistics?

Statistics is a branch of mathematics in which the data is collected, analysed, organised and compared to represent the data.  The statistics are used in many fields for calculation such as economics, science, industrial areas and other social problems. There is some algorithms and procedures used in the statistics for calculation. The statistics consists understanding of existed data and making the predictions for the future by that predictions. This tool is very powerful in predicting the future results, and it has a great impact on physics and finance field too.

What are the types of statistics and statistical data?

There are mainly two types of statistics linked to the various discipline of mathematics. The two types of statistics are:

  1. Inferential statistics: The inferential statistics is the study of data to make a judgement of the probability of actions formed. This statistic type is more focused on the observations and research about the probability. This statistic type is used by the experts to figure out their observations that they have made and conclude the difference between the propositions from a single model.
  2. Descriptive Statistics: The descriptive statistics are used by the organisations to represent their observations in the shape of graph or tables. The tables and graphs are most common methods to interpret statistical data.

In the statistics, the data is calculated, analysed, collected and organised in a way to acquire the information. The data used in statistics is divided into following types:

  1. Numerical data: Numerical data in statistics is data which is measurable. This data can be measured in time, height, weight, amount etc. The numerical data can be arranged in ascending order and descending order according to requirement. The expert writers assist in statistics assignment help to the students to get high grades in the assignment.
  2. Original data: The original data is primary data collected in statistics for various purpose. Original data means the data collected for statistics is not used by any other and the experts usually refer that data as field research. This data is collected by conducting surveys or questionnaire to the people.
  3. Categorical data: The categorical data is data which describe the categories. This data is used in descriptive language. The categorical data is marital status, gender, hometown etc.

General applications of statistics

Statistics links to various disciplines and branches and the students can choose any branch for specialisation in statistics for career opportunities in future. The general applications of statistics described by our expert writers are:

  • Quantitative psychology: The statistic is used in the discipline of psychology which helps the psychiatrist to understand the change in behaviour and mood of a person.
  • Quality control: The statistic is also the best tool to use in the quality control task. With the help of statistics, various factors can be reviewed related to manufacturing of the product.
  • Insurance and finance: The insurance and finance of are two correlated fields where the statistic is used to calculate the data related to the amount. The statistics allow using various procedures and algorithms for calculation.
  • Business analytics: Business analytics is the main discipline in which uses various concepts of statistics. The statistics help the organisation to represent the data in the form of graphs and tables. It makes easy for organisations to take effective decisions.

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