Solve My Accounting Paper Online

Solve My Accounting Paper Online

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What is accounting and what are its features?

The accounting is the main facet of business management. It is a process that identifies, record, measure and analyses the financial information of an organisation. The accounting is the main character of any business as it helps the organisation to evaluate profit or loss to the company in particular financial year. The accounting process is also used to reveal the value of assets and liabilities of the company along with owner’s equity. The accounting gives valuable information regarding the resources available to the organisation; the ways conducted to finance those resources and the outcome achieved through the use of those resources.

Features of Accounting

There are several features of accounting which are necessary to conduct the accounting effectively. The features of accounting are:

  1. Recording of data regarding the financial matter of company: Recording data is a major feature of accounting as all the data related to finance of company recorded in the accounting system. It records every transaction related to cash, cheques and resource which are directly or indirectly related to finance system.
  2. Classification: Another feature used in the accounting system is a classification of data stored in the accounting. The transactions that took place in the accounting are different, and it is compulsory to differentiate the transaction by their headings. The transactions in the accounting categorise under one category which is known as Ledger. This help the company to cross check the transaction in accounting.
  3. Summarizing: The summarising is one of the best features of accounting as it helps the company to get a business result in desired summarise form. It summarises result of accounting can be used by the company to evaluate the profit and loss to the company in particular financial year. The balance sheet summarises assets and liabilities of the company at the end of every financial year.
  4. Interpretation: The accounting is the best tool to interpret the position of the company by the good or bad condition. The accounting helps the company to interpret whether the company is gaining or losing in the financial year. It will help the company to revise their strategies and take further steps to improve the condition of the company for future.

Define accounting principles.

In every company, there are several rules and regulations are developed to ensure the safety at work and proper completion of any task. Same way, in the accounting, there are several accounting principles in the accounting too.It is necessary to follow these principles to ensure effective use of accounting.

  1. Accrual Principles: The accrual principle in accounting is about the record of data in the accounting period in which they occur. In the accounting, it is necessary to show the accurate date of the transaction when it occurs in the company rather than the date of recording transaction in accounting.
  2. Conservatism principle: This principle is about the recording of expenses and liabilities at the time when they occur. Whereas, the revenue and assets recorded at the time when it is sure that these will occur.This principle helps the company to record their losses first and then the profits.
  3. Consistency Principle: This principle is about keeping the consistency in recording data in accounting to avoid any conflict.
  4. Cost Principle: This principle is about the recording of assets, liabilities and owner’s equity with the original cost price.
  5. Economic entity principle: This principle states that business transactions must be kept separate from transactions of the owner and other business. It helps the company to evaluate the accurate profit and loss to the company and easy audit of accounting.
  6. Full Disclosure principle: it is necessary to implement this principle at the time of financial statements as it represents the number of informational disclosures to readers.
  7. Monetary Unit Principles: This principle states that the transactions to record in the accounting must be countable regarding currency or money.

Along with above-given principles, other related principles are necessary to adopt in the accounting such as Reliability principle, Revenue recognition principles, period principle, and materiality principle, matching principle and going concern principle.

Elements and key concepts of accounting

The key elements and key concepts of accounting are as below:

  • Balance Sheet: it is a statement that depicts the affairs of business in term of loss and profit.
  • Profit and Loss Account statements: This is a statement that summarises and evaluates the operations of business conducted in the financial year. This statement shows the gross profit that company receive in a financial year.
  • Trading Account: The trading account shows the expenses and incomes that company has received in a financial year. It includes all the direct incomes and expenditures of business.
  • Cash Flow statement: As its name suggests, the cash flow statement records the income and outgoing cash of business in a single financial year. The flow of cash in this statement considered as the payments and receipts of the business.
  • Accounts receivable: In this statement, the money which is to be received by the company from the parties outside organisation are recorded.
  • Accounts payable: It is about the transactions when the company need to pay money to the parties outside the organisation.
  • Capital expenditure statement: This is the statement that depicts the expenses of business which occurred due to the maintenance of fixed assets such land or machinery.
  • Revenue expenditure: This statement depicts those expenses that occur while purchasing goods, paying salaries, travelling expenses etc.
  • Accounting Methods: There are two types of an accounting method that occurs such as Accrual basis accounting method in which stress is given only on the recognition of item, and cash basis in which the stress is given on the actual occurring of expenses and incomes to the business.

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