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While there are other standards of writing styles, below you will find information on what is APA as an organization and the main APA Standards that are used when you are going to do research work, especially when you study abroad.

The latest edition of APA standards (2017) corresponds to its sixth version, which we can expect to be final since it is not among the association's plans to release a new edition.


Founded in Washington, DC, APA, the AmericanPsychologicalAssociation, is a scientific and professional organization that represents psychology in the United States. With 150,000 members, APA is the largest association of psychologists in the world.

APA aims to advance in the creation, communication and application of psychological knowledge for the benefit of society and the progress of people's lives. His vision is to excel as a valuable, effective and influential organization, developing psychology as a science.

The APA style is widely accepted in the social sciences. The appointment style of the American Psychological Association (APA) requires parentheses within the text rather than footnotes or endings.


The citation in the text provides information and usually, the name of the author and the date of publication are placed, which allows the reader to locate the corresponding bibliographic entry. The complete information on each source cited in the text is detailed in the section called "References", located at the end of the research report.


In the APA style, it requires a clear and continuous style of writing. Three levels of titles are used, one main written in bold and centred, one secondary written in italics and left margin and one tertiary written in italics, but with the text continued on the same line. The clearest way to indicate them is by considering the following:

The paragraphs that follow the titles do not need to be indented, but all the others must have it, in any other case.

In the writing, avoid using specific adjectives or pronouns for the sexes. Thus, assumptions derived from gender stereotypes about people, their abilities, attitudes and relationships should also be avoided.

The texts must be written in the third person or, better still, in the infinitive, always preferring "the authors consider" or "is considered" instead of writing a phrase such as "we believe".


The information presented is shorter and with enough information to continue with the idea to be presented. This allows the person to save time and effort in their search for information and articles, as well as to facilitate the reading of the writing, in comparison with other formats such as the Chicago style.

The APA style is used mainly in order to facilitate and simplify the search for scientific information, in addition to helping the researcher in social areas to maintain order to their ideas and form a general structure in their writings, facilitating their rapid publication and dissemination of the knowledge acquired and discovered through the investigations carried out.

An APA style format at the time of writing facilitates the reader's understanding as well as the transmission of the idea that is intended to be given to the public.

It allows to give shape to scientific publications and the practicality with which it is designed allows to identify who are the authors in charge of said writing as well as to avoid possible writing errors.


  • Proper time- Thesis is one of the critical and time-consuming pieces of writing among all the academic writing tasks. It is a task which cannot be accomplished as per the expectations and university’s guidelines and instructions spontaneously. It needs time to write a well explanatory and impressive thesis.
  • Researching skills- It is clear that you should know how to research your topic relevantly using trustworthy sources.
  • Analytical skills- Along with research conducting abilities, you should own the ability to observe things and draw its conclusion.
  • Presentation skills- Writing skills are what a great many students have power over, but they forget about the much-needed presentation skills.
  • Knowledge of university standards- A thesis writing and scoring high grades in it demands to work as per the proposed college or university guidelines and specifications.

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