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Question 1

You are the receptionist for Business Works.  Nicholas Stevenson, the owner, has requested that you create an invoice that will total the orders for him.  It must provide a sub-total for each item, calculate tax, provide an area to enter the freight, and provide a final invoice total.  This invoice will also be used to help the sales assistant, Jasmine, pack the order.

• Create an invoice for Business Works as shown on the next page, in a new, blank worksheet. To format the fonts you should:
o apply Lucida Calligraphy 26 pt to the main heading, and centre across the invoice
o apply Arial 14 pt to the sub-heading (Stationers of Distinction)
o format all other text and values as Arial 10 pt and colour black
o bold the column and row headings as indicated

• Apply borders and shading, currency formatting with two decimal places where appropriate, and align the text and values in the boxes as shown.
• Use formulas to calculate
o the sub-total for each item
o the order total before tax
o the tax
o the order total including tax
o the total including tax and freight

Your formulas should only include cell references and not actual values.  Values, such as 10% for tax, should be held in separate cells and referred to in the formulas.

• Change the row height for the tables to 16.5 and centre the text vertically in the cells.
• Create a footer with your name on the left and today’s date on the right.
• Complete the invoice with the data shown.  Check Print Preview to ensure your document will print on one page only.
• Save the spreadsheet with the name Wattle Heights School Invoice.
• Set-up to print a copy of your formulas in landscape orientation, and fit to one page.  Save this as School Invoice Formulas. 

Question 2

Nicholas Stevenson is satisfied with the invoice you created in Question 1, and wants you to use it to produce another invoice for the Isis High School order, shown below.  It must provide all the same calculations and formatting.

• Open the Business Works invoice you created in Question 1.  (Be sure the invoice was saved at end of Question 1).  Save this spreadsheet with the name Isis High School Invoice.
• Delete all the data from the invoice table, making sure you do not delete design, format or the formulas from the Total column.
• Enter the following data to generate the Isis High School Invoice.  Check Print Preview to ensure your document will print on one page only.
• Ensure you have saved Isis High School Invoice.

Question 3

Nicholas expects the Isis high School Invoice to be created within twenty minutes.  How many minutes did you take to create the invoice?

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