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Assessment item 1

Task 1 (6%): Practical Tasks
This task has three practical questions, each question worth 2% of marks. These questions are to test your understanding of the contents in topics 1, 2 and 3.

Q 1: Wireless communication offers a number of advantages compared to wired networks. However, as with any technology, there are some challenges with wireless communication as well. List three advantages and three limitations / challenges that wireless communication has over wired networks in real life application scenarios.
Deliverable: List three advantages and limitation briefly explaining each. Your explanation of each advantage and limitation should not exceed more than three short sentences. Your total answer for this question should not exceed one half A4 page.

Q 2: In this question you are required to use GNU Octave. Sinusoidal (sine) waves are commonly used in wireless communication to represent the signal that needs to be transmitted over the wireless channel. For example, in various modulation techniques.
3-5 from your textbook at the end of chapter 3. Complete all steps carefully as you are required to write a reflection of your learning from these two projects.
Deliverable: Write your reflections on what have you learnt from above two projects. You need to write only three reflections in total for both projects. Your reflections should be on your learning and not on the steps that you have completed in these projects. For example, one example reflection could be 'I learnt variation in Wi-Fi signal strength with the variation in distance'. Your reflections should not be more than one A4 page.

Task 2 (4%): Multiple Choice Quiz

• Quiz will be from contents of topic 1, 2 and 3
• There will be total of 20 multiple choice questions in the quiz
• Quiz will be available in third week of study through subject i2 site. An announcement on i2 site will be made about the quiz start and end dates.
• This will be a single attempt and timed quiz of 1 hour duration. You must complete the quiz to the final submission once you start the quiz.
• Make sure you are ready, well prepared and have stable Internet connection and have enough time before the start of the quiz.


This assessment task will assess the following learning outcome/s:
• be able to critically analyse wireless networking concepts and their applications in real life situations.
• be able to analyse and describe wireless signalling techniques and radio frequency communications.
• be able to investigate theoretical and practical issues relating to wireless technology and communicate the results to specialist and non-specialist audiences.

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