What you Have Done and the Purpose of Command


  1.     Must provide picture of topology, clearly labelling all router interfaces, and Network ID used for link/LAN segments, also need labelling of interface IP addresses.
  2.     Screen shots of PC/Server IP address setting, Router's running configurations, Router's routing tables.
  3.     Screen shots of successful ping and traceroute outputs.



  1.     Screen shots of DHCP, DNS and WEB server setting.
  2.     Screen shot of web page on PC
  3.     Running configuration of router which should clearly show usage of "ip helper-address" command and use of ACL as firewall.
  4.     Screen shots of successful implementation and operation of Firewall (ACL)


All steps should be clearly explained; which should include, what you have done and the purpose of command/settings used in project, make sure you use only PRIVATE addresses.