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Creating a Journal entry

From the menu, select Content and then Journals. You can maintain multiple Journals in your ePortfolio, so create one just for this course by choosing Create Journal. Label your Journal with an appropriate name, for example ITECH1100. You can choose to add a description if you like.

Add a new Journal entry by clicking + New Entry.

Ethics — Self Reflection

In the lecture, we discussed three ethical frameworks, Deontology, Utilitarianism and Virtue Ethics, and you were asked to consider which of these three resonate most with how you think about morality and ethical behaviour.

Using your own words, write somewhere between 100-200 words on which of the three frameworks makes the most sense to you. You may also search online for other systems of ethics that you might prefer.

Some ideas to help you write if you're having trouble:

• What makes this framework appealing?
• What is it about the others that you don't like?
• Would you be willing to listen to somebody using another framework?
• Explain each framework in your own words;
• Describe something positive and negative for each one;
• if one or more appeals to you, explain why; if none do explain why not;
• Justify your choice as best you can based on your experience, perhaps refer to an example in your life where you've faced a moral dilemma and how you responded to it

Make sure you save your work. You might wish to write your micro essay in Word first, and then copying into Mahara, in case you accidently close the browser.

Being able to write short, well-reasoned documents is a critical skill in IT and other industries.

Creating a new page

You can submit your Mahara work through Moodie, but only if your content is in a Mahara page.

Luckily, it's reasonably easy to add content from your Journal to a page. You should be aware that, depending on your assignment, any work on a page submitted to Moodie will be locked until it has been reviewed by your tutor. This means you might choose to only include a single Journal entry so you can continue to add other entries to your Journal.

From the menu, select Portfolio and then Pages, and choose + Create page.

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