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Imagine you are part of a software development company that has just started working for Community Care, a not-for-profit retirement home provider. One of the big issues for Com-munity Care is providing their elderly residents a good quality of life and enabling them to live semi-independently for as long as possible. They want your company to develop a way to help keep residents active with the least possible intervention from retirement home staff (i.e., the elderly person should be able to use the system relatively independently). Initial discussions with Community Care have identified some kind of ‘exergame’ using Microsoft Kinect might be a good solution.

Unfortunately, Community Care does not have the budget for in-depth user studies such as contextual inquiry to establish the requirements for the project. However, you realise that the academic community may have already done some research on this topic.

Your task is to briefly review the academic literature (i.e., papers published in academic journals) to determine the following:

• is there any evidence that ‘exergames’ are of benefit to the elderly?
• what are some of the challenges in designing an ‘exergame’ for the elderly?

Most importantly you will need to identify possible requirements and/or design guide-lines for the ‘exergame’ based on current literature.

To prepare for this report:

• Do the FSET Academic Integrity Unit (see your Canvas Dashboard)  REQUIRED
• Review how to cite and reference research articles (see Swin Library guide to Harvard style referencing)
• Make sure you have a clear idea of what UCD process and principles are
• Search for relevant research using key word search terms on Google Scholar (note: if PDF not available, then check Swin library catalogue)
• Find between 4-8 primary academic references

Suggested Assignment Structure

Hint 1: Write this last!
Hint 2: Make sure you include findings/recommendations, not just an overview of re-port contents.

Table of Contents

Make sure you use heading styles and use your word processor to autogenerate your table of contents.

1 Introduction

In this section include:

■ Background information including purpose of report, definition of any key terms or con-cepts.

2 Body (Note: Choose informative section headings)

In this section include:

■ Evidence from your literature research
■ Logically organised sub-sections

3 Conclusion In this section:

■ summarise main ideas and key findings
■ do not include any new information

• Unit code and name
• Assignment title
• Your name
• Tutor’s name
• Word count

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