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1. Ordering System
In this first part of Task 2, you should write a Python script for the ice cream ordering system. Your program must store the prices of the individual items (cones, scoop flavours and toppings). Specifically, the program should do the following:

• At the start, the program should ask for the customer’s name to personalise and track the order and then get the number of ice creams from the customer.
• For each ice cream, the cone type, scoop amount, scoop flavour, number and type of toppings should be taken from the customer.
• At the end the program should display the itemised order with the total price.
• The program should be able to handle invalid entries inputted (such as incorrect cone type, or invalid number of toppings)

• You must use standard Python data structures, not Pandas, to store the prices of the individual items.
• Items and prices are listed in Appendix A
• HINT: You should use the Python “input(message)” function to read each input value from the customer (for example when asking for the customer name).

2. Ice cream trends
In this second part of Task 2, you should write a Python script that reads and analyses the ice cream data file (Weekly_Sales.csv) and merge it with the store details file (StoreDetails.csv) and region file (Region.csv) to produce at least FOUR useful graphs that give insight into the ice cream sales trends.

For example, here are some suggestions:
• show the change in ice cream sales over the period 2010 to 2012
• compare the trends of all stores in a given year.
• compare sales against the different store details (i.e. temperature and unemployment) to see what the relationship between them is (data from StoreDetails.csv).
• compare sales in the five different regions (using the data from the Region.csv to group the stores).

1. You must at least have 1 graph analysing temperature or unemployment and 1 graph comparing the sales across the different regions.
2. You must use the Pandas library to store and manipulate the data.
3. Use markup and headings to break your Jupyter notebook into sections and give commentary about what you doing, and discussion of your results. This Jupyter notebook will be what you submit.

3.What you will submit
There are three deliverables in two parts. Part A is due Friday in week 9 and Part B is due Friday in Week 12. The following are what you will be submitting for each part.

1. Part A Python code for the ordering system in a Jupyter notebook file
2. Part B Python code for the trends analysis in a Jupyter notebook file
3. Part B Report to the client based on (2) (PDF or word doc)

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