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1. With the price of slaves rising dramatically after the closing of the African slave trade, it made economic sense for slaveowners to pay less for health care and shelter.
2. Many slaves fully understood the impossibility of directly challenging the slave system. This meant their folktales and biblical favorites tended to glorify the weak outwitting much stronger foes. Identify why the following Bible stories and folktales were popular with slaves.
3. The most widespread expression of hostility to slavery as an institution was “day-to-day resistance” or “silent sabotage.” Identify examples of the forms of “day-to-day resistance” that the slaves performed.
4. Slave revolts in the United States were much larger and more frequent than in Brazil and the West Indies.
5. What does it reveal about the free black population?
6. Identify the key differences between slavery in the United States and slavery in Brazil.

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