Software Maintenance Management Assignment

1.Software maintenance includes all activities related to efficient working of organizations or user installed software programs.  In your own words, explain in DETAIL what is software maintenance, who performs software maintenance, when and why would software maintenance be performed?

2.What are the steps involved in software maintenance?  Please give a detailed explanation.

3.Formulate a software maintenance plan and explain how the plan/design you laid out could be effectively implemented.

4.In your own words, explain how you would set up a user-centric/responsive and helpful user support system during software maintenance.

5.Software occasionally fails/breaks down.  How would you manage/handle this emergency when it does occur?  Please explain in detail and cite any example you may have experienced.

6.Explain the difference between software upgrade, update, re-engineering and re-design.

7.When do we implement software upgrade, re-design and update?