Social, Ethical and Legal issues in Information Technology

Professional Issues

Individual Essay (MS Word)

An individual essay entitled "What do you consider are the important social, Ethical and legal issues that an IT Professional should take into account in the conduct of their profession"(1,000 Words)

The individual essay in MS word must be uploaded to the assignment section of the StudyNet Module site.

Assessment Criteria:

A) Critical commentary relating to the topics specified in essay 30%

B) Contemporary examples in essay 30%

C) Refiection on progessional practice relating to the topics in essay 30%

D) Conclusion, academis referencing and presentation 10%

(as well as referencing the BCS code of conduct within your essay you should also consider how your practice relates to good practice as reference relevant examples as appropriate).

Written assignments must include a word count and evidence of a recognised Harvard based referencing system. Please do not use a vancouver based (numerical) system. For guidance on academic referencing please see iSPY tutorials on StudyNet.

You are responsible for submitting all documentation on time as instructed.