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Task 1- Background information

Write a description of the selected dataset and project, and its importance for a company. Information must be appropriately referenced. [1 Page]

Task 2- Create Data View/Cube - Data Modelling and Provisioning

Upon selecting the dataset, convert the dataset into HANA data cube/view by following SAP HANA data modeling and provisioning technique using SAP HANA Web-based development workbench. This name of the cube/view should be the student ID of one of the group members.

Task 3 – Perform Data Mining on data view

For your project, perform the relevant data analysis tasks on data view/cube (created in Task 2) using data mining techniques such as classification/association/time series/clustering and identify the BI reporting solution and/or dashboards you need to develop for the operational manager of the chosen company. [2-3 Pages]

Task 4 – Research

Justify why these BI reporting solution/dashboards are chosen in Task 2 (Reporting / Dashboards) and why those data sets attributes are present and laid out in the fashion you proposed (feel free to include all other relevant justifications).

Note: To ensure that you discuss this task properly, you must include visual samples of the reports you produce (i.e. the screenshots of the BI report/dashboard must be presented and explained in the written report; use ‘Snipping tool’), and also include any assumptions that you may have made about the analysis in your Task 3 (i.e. the report to the operational team of the company).[3-4 Pages]

Task 5 – Recommendations for CEO 

The CEO of the chosen company would like to improve the operations. Based on your BI analysis and the insights gained from “Data Set” in the lights of analysis performed in previous tasks, make some logical recommendations to the CEO, and justify why/how your proposal could enhance food related operations and could assist in achieving operational/strategic objectives with the help of appropriate references from peer-reviewed sources. [2-3 Pages].

Task 6 – Cover letter

Write a cover letter to the CEO of the chosen firm with the important data insights and recommendation to achieve operational/strategic objectives    [1 page]

Other Tasks –

Please refer to marking scheme at the end of the assignment for other tasks and expectations.    

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