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Part A: Project Contracts (Module 3)

Identify and analyse the legal benefits and challenges that Project might experience from each of the following types of contracts:

Stipulated or lump-sum contract o Cost of work plus fee contract
Cost of work plus fee with guaranteed maximum price (GMP) contract o Construction management (CM) contract
Design-build or design-and-construct (D&C) contract
Explain what you would do to mitigate any potential challenges of these contract types.
Which of these contracts you would have recommended for this project? Explain why.

Part B: Project Pre-Planning (Module 4)

Analyse the major challenges you would need to address prior to beginning construction and explain what you would do to mitigate any of these potential challenges.

Evaluate the most effective approach you would use to meet on-time delivery of your project with low cost and high quality. Use examples to support your valuation.

Explain how you would organise your project’s costs. In other words, what type of project cost breakdown would you use? Provide examples of categories.

Analyse how you would organise your project’s major deliverables and their components using a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS). Explain the level of detail needed in your WBS and why.

Part C: Controlling Communication (Module 5)

Develop a communications management plan that would provide appropriate project status reports to stakeholders.

Analyse how you would use these reports to address project stakeholder expectations, including your preferred medium.

Analyse the level of detail necessary to regularly make these stakeholder reports.

Part D: Project Close-out (Module 6)

Explain the role each of the following elements would play in the close-out of your project:

Project acceptance o Contract close-out
Document turnover and archiving o Team performance appraisal
Team reassignment or demobilisation schedule
Analyse how you would coordinate a lessons learned component.

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