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Rewrite the program for Assignment 1 to calculate the cost of delivery for his customers using functions.
Prompt the user to enter the purchase total. Pass the purchase total to a function as an argument to validate the purchase total above $150 and return True/False from the function to the calling code. If the return value is False, show an error message and asks the user if he/she wants to continue.

If the return value from the first function is True, call another function that calculates the cost of delivery for a customer. Ask a user to enter the number of the items that need to be delivered and delivery day and pass them to the function. Return the cost of delivery and the total cost to the calling code and display them to the user.

Make your program loop, prompting the user for whether they would like to calculate another delivery cost. Keep track of the number of the purchase and when the user exits, print out the total number of the purchase that entered to the system and the total cost of deliveries.

You should use functions in the program. Functions must follow a good programming style.

All the currency figures must be displayed as floating-point numbers with 2 decimal places.

Your program should be able to handle some exceptions and invalid inputs, such as:

·Negative values.

·Invalid delivery day (1 for same day delivery and 2 for second-day delivery). ·Non-numeric and empty values

You need to develop your program by completing the following three tasks:

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