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1. Your paper should be well organized, using appropriate headings and formats.
2. You must use APA format (the official style of the American Psychological Association). There are APA style guides available both online and in the library.
3. Font should be 12 point Arial, 1.5 spacing, narrow margins, include a Running Header
4. Include a Cover Page – include the names and student numbers of all students in your group, as well as the course name, instructor name, and date of submission.
5. Your Footer should contain the name of the case, author names, and page # (no footer on cover page)
6. Your first page should include a Table of Contents – use the Styles in Microsoft Word to create section headers which will automatically format your Table of Contents. Then from the Reference tab insert the Table of Contents.
7. Introduction section – provide a brief (max 4 sentences) overview of the change you would like to implement.
8. Section 1 - Create a sense of urgency – Write a speech that you will give to create a sense of urgency. Your audience will be all staff.
9. Section 2 – Build a guiding coalition. Who will you choose for your coalition? Describe their position and why you chose them for the coalition. Demonstrate you understand Kotter’s criteria.
10. Articulate your strategic vision and initiatives.
11. Include a Stakeholder Analysis & Communication Plan using the template provided in moodle. You can copy and paste this into your document, but you’ll need to use a section break so that it stays in landscape format. If you change the template to portrait orientation, it will be impossible to read.
12. Identify your short-term wins, and how you will communicate them, how you will know if you’ve achieved them, and how you will celebrate the achievement.
13. Identify how you will evaluate the success of the change, and what you will do if your change initiative has not been successful.
14. Write a letter to the President of the organization with a list of suggested actions to sustain the change. (Note: Word has several business letterhead templates and there are many sample formats online as well. This should be written as if it is official business correspondence.)
15. Include a Reference Section
16. Include any appendices you think are appropriate
17. Complete a spelling and grammar check using Word. Then have a person proficient in written English language communication have a quick look through your paper as one last spelling and grammar check.
18. Print your assignment, and email an electronic version to The printed submission is due at the BEGINNING of class. Late submissions will not be accepted.
19. Final step – complete the “Self and Peer Evaluation” posted in moodle.

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