HLT54115 | Assignment 2 Nusrsing


Using the above scenario answer the following questions. You need to provide APA in text referencing when appropriate. Please ensure that you use a “question and answer” format when completing this assessment and include a reference list at the end.

  1. What is your personal opinion on this circumstance? What do you believe, ethically, is the right thing to do? (When answering this question do not consider the legal requirements as an Enrolled Nurse this is your own opinion on what is right or wrong about the situation, you should consider the views of all involved, patient, mother and father) (50-100 words)
  1. What would your actions be as an Enrolled Nurse in this circumstance keeping in mind your legal obligations? (50-100 words)
  1. Using the “Code of Ethics for Nurses” and “Code of Professional Conduct for Nurses” discuss how this situation may relate to the statements within those Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (NMBA) guidelines. (You will need to discuss at least one statement from the Code of Ethics for Nurses and the Code of Professional Conduct for Nurses.) (200-300 words)
  1. Using the “Standards for Practice; Enrolled Nurse”, identify and discuss two indicators within “Standard 2: Practises nursing in a way that ensures the rights, confidentiality, dignity and respect of people are upheld”, that you are complying with; based on the actions you would chose to take in this situation.(You must identify the indicator you are discussing by both word and number e.g. “2.10 Acknowledges and accommodates, wherever possible, preferences of people receiving nursing care.”) (100-200 words total)
  1. Discuss how the following relate to the actions you would take in this situation.

Autonomy – do your actions show respect for the patient and their right to make decisions? (50-80 words)

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Non-maleficence – do your actions harm the patient? (50-80 words) Justice – do your actions potentially cause consequences in the wider

community? (50-80 words)

Beneficence – do your actions benefit the patient? (50-80 words)

    1. If Charlotte’s parents should take legal action against you due to your actions, what registration standard may you employ to assist you? (10-20 words)
      1. What could be the potential outcome should you breach NMBA standards in this circumstance?As an Enrolled Nurse, you need to comply with legal legalisations. Discuss how the Privacy Act 1988 relates to this circumstance (Think about how it may drive your actions as an EN, you may want to mention sections of the act) (100-150 words)

      Could it be considered a breach in duty of care? (30-80 words) Could it be considered negligence? (30-80 words)

      Could there be vicarious liability? (30-80 words)

    1. Using the progress notes template available to you on the student portal under assessment task details, complete a progress note entry on the situation that has occurred. You may want to include a description of the situation and what your actions were (remember to adhere to all legal aspects of documentation, this can be typed) (100-150 words)