HLT54115 | Assignment 1 Nusrsing

Assessment Task 1

Ethical Decision making report                                   Weighting:   50%

This assessment requires you to complete a question and answer style report, based on the scenario below. It must be typed and uploaded in a word document. The word limit is 1500 words (+/- 10%).

It is worth 50% of your overall grade for this unit. Students must achieve 25/50 marks (50%) to be deemed satisfactory for Assessment Task 1.

You will be required to apply APA style referencing– this includes in text referencing. Please refer to the Health Skills Australia library website for further information on correct referencing.

This assessment needs to be uploaded to the student portal under the Assessment Task 1: Ethical Decision Making Report.

You have 2 attempts for this assessment; if you are unsuccessful with your first attempt, you will need to reattempt the assessment within 5 working days of receiving feedback. Please ensure you are checking your NPI email regularly to ensure you do not miss trainer’s feedback. Your trainer will upload your grade and provide feedback in your online class space within 2 weeks of the due date.

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This assessment is compulsory; any late submissions without a formal extension will not be accepted as per the Health Skills Australia student handbook and will require reenrolment into the unit.

This assessment must be completed independently; there will be no sharing of answers.

Any special needs/requirements that may limit your ability to complete this assessment need to be addressed and should be brought to the attention of your trainer prior to commencement of this assessment.

Read the scenario below.

You are working as an Enrolled Nurse in a hospital emergency department. You are caring for 6-year-old child Charlotte accompanied by her single mother Susan. Susan has full custody of Charlotte as disclosed by Susan.

Susan is the next of kin (NOK) on Charlotte’s paperwork.

Charlottes father Tom contacts the hospital directly after a friend of his saw that Susan posted on Facebook that Charlotte was in hospital. Tom is requesting information about the condition of his daughter however; he is not listed as a NOK on the paperwork.

When you advise Tom, he will either need to come into the hospital to receive information or call Susan, he tells you he is currently interstate for work and that he and Susan do not speak to each other.

You go to speak to Susan to advise her that Tom has called about Charlotte’s condition; she refuses to call him or allow him to speak to Charlotte on the phone. Charlotte overhears Susan talking about Tom and begins to cry, “I want to speak to Daddy”, and Susan tells Charlotte that she “doesn’t need Daddy” and that “Mummy is here”.