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Question 1 – Address usage    (3 marks)

Consider the following classless address block:

Answer the following questions:

a) What is the network address, and the last address, in this block? (1 mark)
b) What is the direct broadcast address? (1 mark)
c) How many addresses are available as host addresses? (1 mark)

Show the steps you took to arrive at your answers.

Question 2– Allocating subnets from a block    (8 marks)

A company has been granted a block of addresses which includes the address Answer the following questions, showing your calculations.

Create the following 6 subnets for this company by calculating the correct number of addresses and subnet address for each subnet. Place your answer in the table in the Answer Template. Use CIDR format for the mask.

The six (6) subnets required by the company are as follows:

2 subnets with 100 addresses each  (2 marks)
2 subnets with 50 addresses each  (2 marks)
2 subnets with 25 addresses each (2 marks)

Calculating the number of addresses for each subnet correctly (2 marks)

Question 3 – Network Tools (Windows)    (4 marks)

Often the best way to gain an initial familiarity with network tools is to simply use them, at a basic level in exploratory mode as suggested in some of the tutorial exercises. Netstat and Tracert are included in Windows, while Wireshark is free to download and install. Explore Wireshark, Netstat and Tracert, then complete this question.

a) A wireshark scan has produced a packet capture, saved to a file named

wireshark_capture03.pcapng and available on the Unit website. Download the file and open it in Wireshark, then answer these questions about the scan:

i. View Frame 4: On which interface was this packet captured? what transport layer protocol was used (explain how you know)? (1 mark)
ii. View Frame 22406 (hint:use Go): What was the purpose of this message? How many bytes did the source indicate it could receive on the next packet (explain how you know)? (1 mark)
b) A ‘NETSTAT –an’ command has given the output below. On line 5 (highlighted), the TCP connection is in the “TIME_WAIT” state. Explain the TIME_WAIT state that the connection is in and the reason that this state exists. (1 mark)

Active Connections

Proto    Local Address    Foreign Address    State
05    TCP    TIME_WAIT   

c)    Do a TRACERT on your computer to Paste the output to your assignment one answer template and discuss the output in sufficient detail to demonstrate that you understand the information being displayed (1 mark)

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