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You will individually create a fully complete mobile game using the mobile web design skills shown in class (from the theory + lab content). You will submit your completed application's project folder as a zip file. You also need to re-upload your completed zip file at the end of every week that you work, so that we can see your progress over the entire trimester.

For the final submission, you will also record a video of your completed educational game. This will be an approximately 5-minute video, created in any way you choose. Your video will detail what your game does, what features you wish to be graded on, how you created it, and the challenges faced and overcome.

This is an individual project.


The platform must be strictly HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. No other libraries or languages can be used. No code compilers / converters can be used either (aside from Cordova if you wish to test it on a mobile device).

Project Directory

Your Project Folder/Directory must contain the following structure:

•js/ (all your application-code JavaScript files will go here). Examples: o app.js

o utilityFunctions.js o ui.js

o gameElements.js o game.js

o menu.js o settings.js

• data/ (all your game data will go here, even though they’re JavaScript files, they’re data). Examples:

o gameLevel1.js o gameLevel2.js o wordbank.js o vocab.js

o characterDetails.js o config.js

• images/ (all your images are in here)

• sounds/ (all your sound files go in here)

• index.html (the file I open in Google Chrome to run your app)

• licenses.txt /
.csv (one line per image / sound file you use)

• changelog.txt / .md (a list of days you worked and what you achieved)

• readme.txt / .md (details of yourself, and an overview of your project)

• Marking Justification.docx
(A cover page detailing the grade you are aiming for, and evidence for each individual rubric)

• Demonstration.mp4 (An approximately 5-minute long demonstration video of your project, and the features you wish to be graded for)

If you create your own graphics, put them in a folder: "raw sources"

Minimum Requirements

Your game must meet the following standards to pass. Failure of any one results in a fail grade. The Minimum Passing Requirements:

1. The game must be educational / learning.

2. The game must only use: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. No other libraries or languages can be used, as otherwise we cannot assess what you have learned from the content in this unit. The purpose of this project is to demonstrate that you have learned the concepts covered in this unit, so it's important that you demonstrate what has been taught.

3. The game must use only a single index.html file. No other html files allowed.
o The index.html file will have a blank <BODY>, and simply load CSS and JS files through the <HEAD>, which then load and run the game.

4. All data should be logically separated in separate JavaScript files. Your game data should never be “hard-wired” into your application code, but should be in separate files so that a non-programmer would be able to change them without really knowing anything about programming. E.g. data/gameLevel1.js would contain a single, large declaration.

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