Leadership is Multi-Faceted and can be Conceptualized in a Number of Ways

Leadership in Health Management

Assignment 1: Essay (2500 words)

Leadership is multi-faceted and can be conceptualized in a number of ways, with emphasis on the individual, on the social relationships of influence or on authority exercised within an organizational or inter-organizational setting.
In practice, leadership may have elements of all three of these concepts in various combinations. (Hartley et al 2008)
From your readings about leadership theory which theory, or elements of different theories, best fit/s the requirements of the modern and emerging health care environment.

Assignment 2: Essay (3000 words)

Why are trust and transparency important for the effective management and leadership of health care organizations? What are the personal, organisational and systems barriers leaders face in achieving these two attributes?
In your paper you should consider the importance of trust and transparency to good governance, strategic decision making, staff engagement, organisational culture (including cultural safety), stakeholder relationships, organisational performance and reputation.


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