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1. In which subnetting technique can a single address to be subdivided into multiple subnets, in which subnets need not all be the same size?
2. What does TCP/IP use to identify Application-layer protocols?
3. In networking terms, the remaining distance that the packet can travel is known as which of the following?
4. What technique may be performed by boundary devices that include proxy server capabilities to replace private IP addresses with one or more public IP addresses as outbound traffic exits the server, and to replace such public addresses with their proper private equivalents as incoming traffic passes through the server?
5. The Type of Service field actually has two components: Precedence and which of the following?
6. How many possible fields can be contained in an IPv4 header?
7. What do most analyzers have that indicate unusual network events or errors?
8. Which of the following represents a network address that all hosts on a network must read?
9. Previously, IPv6 specified that interface identifiers followed which format, which specifies a unique 64-bit interface identifier for each interface?
10. IPv6 jumbograms are specified as a proposed standard in which of the following RFCs?
11. Which layer of the OSI model works with frames?
12. Which IPv6 header includes fields for the intermediary addresses through which the IPv6 packet should be forwarded?
13. In IPv6, which address contains all zeros and can be represented as two colon characters (::) in normal notation?
14. Which part of a PDU is most likely to provide data integrity checks for the data portion of the PDU?
15. Which layer includes the physical transmission medium (cables or wireless media) that any network must use to send and receive the signals that constitute the physical expression of networked communications?
16. Which term is used to describe the data frame crossing a router?
17. What protocol is used to translate MAC layer addresses into numeric IP addresses?
18. Multicast addresses in IPv6 use which of the following to define the portion of the Internet to which the multicast group pertains?
19. Which of the following is a special marker with which traffic can be prioritized by an end device or boundary device and queued and forwarded according to this value?
20. What are TCP/IP application processes such as FTP and SMTP sometimes called?

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