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Learning outcomes

In this assignment, you will be focusing on the following unit learning outcome (ULO):

ULO2: Assess security risks, threats and vulnerabilities to the organisation and implement appropriate information security protection mechanisms by analysing requirements, plans and IT security policies.

This ULO will contribute to three of your Deakin graduate learning outcomes (GLOs) in the form of discipline knowledge (GLO1), critical thinking (GLO4) and problem solving (GLO5).

Brief description of assessment task

This task requires you to demonstrate the ability to conduct an investigation of security management issues in corporate organisations, based on the background information provided below, and present your findings.

In your presentation, you will be required to describe what common cyber security risks, threats and vulnerabilities SMEs face and what steps SMEs can take to raise cyber awareness.

Background information

In Course 1 of SIT763, you looked at Cyber Security and SMEs (Small and Medium Sized Enterprises).

In light of this, your security company has been hired by a Victorian state government department to develop a 5 minute presentation in relation to SMEs and cyber security.

This department would like you to develop a presentation about cyber security risks for

SMEs. Your presentation should address the following:

1. What common cyber security risks, threats and vulnerabilities do SMEs face?
2. What steps can SMEs take to raise cyber awareness?

Your task is to assess common security risks, threats and vulnerabilities to a SME and describe appropriate steps that can be taken to raise cyber security awareness for SMEs.

Your presentation takes the form of a five minutes video and must include audio and include the speaker. It could take the form using your smartphone camera to record a presentation, it is your decision how the presentation is structed and recorded.

You may also want to reflect on how cyber security issues relating to SMEs are unique.
What do I do now?

• Start collecting and researching information.
• Think creatively.
• Create your presentation.
• Look at the assessment rubric and the unit learning outcomes to ensure that you understand what you are being assessed (and marked) on.
• The presentation must be 5 minutes long maximum.

Referencing, plagiarism and collusion

Any work that you submit for assessment must be your own work. Please note that this unit has systems in place to detect plagiarism and all submissions are submitted to this system.

Submitting work, in whole or in part, that is copied or paraphrased from other authors (including students), without correct acknowledgement, is considered one of the most serious academic offences. This practice is equivalent to cheating in examinations and it may lead to expulsion from the University. For further information, you should refer to Regulation 4.1(1), Part 2— Academic Misconduct, via (Current university legislation).

Please note that these regulations are not intended to discourage group work and exchange of views and information with other students and staff. Such interaction is most desirable, provided that you ultimately write your own answers and acknowledge any quoted sources.

We see responsible attitudes to plagiarism as part of general good ethical practice. Ensure you have familiarised yourself with the rules and regulations on plagiarism and collusion.

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