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Assignments should be submitted in Class (invigilated session).

You must attend your registered class in Week 5 to complete and submit your assignment.
All assignments will be checked for plagiarism and/or collusion between individuals.
Refer to the assignment marking guide for the marking criteria and standards. The assignment will be marked out of a total of 100 marks.
Refer to your course outline or the course Blackboard website for a copy of the “Student Misconduct, Plagiarism and Collusion” guidelines.
Requests for an extension to an assignment MUST be made to the Course Coordinator prior to the date of submission and requests made on the day of submission or after the submission date will only be considered in exceptional circumstances.

Assignment Requirements and Deliverables

You need to choose an organization which has undergone a digital disruption and before Week 5 prepare a maximum of two pages outlining the changes that have occurred in the organization. You are required to take a hard copy of this preliminary document (strictly two pages only, i.e., one two-sided sheet) with you to your workshop in Week 5.
In your Week 5 workshop, you will be asked to write a short report that provides an assessment of the effect of the digital disruption event in the organisation that you had chosen. The details of the short report writing task will be provided in the workshop. You will be allowed to refer to only your preliminary document in the workshop, no other resources can be used for completing your short report.

You need to research the chosen organization and prepare the two-page preliminary document ahead of your workshop in Week 5 to provide input into your short report that you will be writing during your Week 5 workshop, i.e., in the 2nd and 3rd hours of your workshop.


The two-page preliminary document is to be prepared as a single Microsoft Word document with electronic submission through SafeAssign on Blackboard before your workshop in Week 5. Please include your name, student number and details of your registered workshop in this document.

Appropriate referencing (both in-text and a bibliography) is required for the preliminary document.

Part of this assessment is invigilated and hence you must attend your registered workshop to fulfil the submission of your assignment documents.

You are required to submit both a hardcopy of your two-page preliminary document (prepared prior to your workshop) and the short report (to be prepared during your workshop) to your tutor at the end of the Week 5 workshop.

The two-page preliminary document constitutes 35% of the marks and the short report carries 65% of the marks for this assessment. The preliminary document will be assessed according to the assignment marking guide provided at the end of this document.

Assignment Return and Release of Grades

Assignment grades will be available on the Blackboard website with an electronic assignment marking sheet.

Where an assignment is undergoing investigation for alleged plagiarism or collusion the grade for the assignment and the assignment will be withheld until the investigation has concluded.

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