How You are Going to do Your Research


The methods should be adequately explained, how the research was conducted.

What are you going to propose to solve the problem that is existing in the current/existing solutions; (Mention the initial solution here). You can use a diagram to clarify that with writing text.

How you are going to do your research (step by step methodology is needed).

A.     Data Collection

            Events of large flood information collected ……….

  1. Data Inclusion Criteria

 Certain attributes such as reference number…….

  1. Data Analysis

First, we analyzed the …….

All analyses were carried out using MATLAB (MathWorks Inc., Natick, MA, USA) R2015b on a computer with an Intel Core i7 CPU.


III Results

Obvious questions for this section are:

Are the results clearly explained? Has an appropriate analysis has been conducted? Is the statistics correct? Is the number of significant figures used in numerical values appropriate? Are SI units used?

* You include the "Results" section, ONLY, if you have obtained your own results. 

* You cannot include someone else' figures or tables in this section. This is only your own analysis.

* Comprehensive Figure captions are needed.

* Then, include your reasoning about the figure. You should be able deliver useful information to reader from each figure.


A.     Statistical Analysis

The calculated probability values (p-values) are shown in Tables 3 and 4 using Wilcoxon signed-rank…..

  1. Top ……….

IV Discussion

The discussion is the productive, creative and innovative part of writing a paper. It is the thinking about the implications of the results that you got, and the literature search for a comparable or contradictive paper that you learn something.


Are the claims in this section supported by the results, do they seem reasonable? Have the authors indicated how the results relate to expectations and to earlier research?