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Training is driven by workplace needs. Noe and Winkler (2012) identify 10 forces that may influence working and learning.

They are:
• Sustainability
• Globalisation
• Increased value placed on intangible assets and human capital
• Focus on link to organisational strategy
• Attracting and retaining talent
• Customer service and quality emphasis
• Changing demographics and diversity of the workforce
• Technology
• High performance models of work systems
• Economic changes

Based on your reading of chapters 1 and 2 of the textbook, which one (1) of the above 10 forces do you consider to be the most significant in your current workplace and why? Additional references are not required for this task. Your analysis should be based on Chapters 1 and 2 only and your own critical thought.
Then using the insight gained from this review
select a general area that you wish to focus on for the development of a training and/or development program. This can be broad; for example, developing management leadership skills, improving excel skills in the accounting group, or improve team work skills for process area. This will be refined after the training needs analysis in Assessment 2.
Explain why you chose this area given your research.
Then using the Training Design Process on page 7 of your text book develop a basic, but detailed, project plan on how you would go about developing and evaluating this process. The next two assessments will be using this plan to develop the program. I will provide a template for your basic project plan in the Resources plage of the I2 site.


• Use report format and avoid dot point in your discussions. Visit this link to find information about academic writing:;
• Include a title page that shows the subject code and name, your name and student number, the assignment title/number;
• Provide a table of contents , a brief introduction and conclusion- these are not included in the word count;
• Include a header showing the subject code, assignment number, your name and student number;
• Number each page;
• Use 12 point font, 1.5 line spacing;
• Do not use footnotes, endnotes or appendices.
• In-text citations and a reference list (not bibliography) must be provided when referencing information from the textbook;
Use the APA system of referencing. A guide on how to reference using this system is provided in the Study tab of your student homepage.
Word count does not include Executive Summary ,  Introduction , Conclusion,Material in Tables, Table of Contents, or References

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