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Identify a Healthcare & Life Sciences based company of your own choice and add it to the Assignment 2 Company Selection area on Cloud Deakin (note that your choice must be different to those already listed). You may wish to consider Part B of the assignment in making your selection in order to maximise the future potential of your work.

Collect information about the positive and negative impact of this company from publicly available documents (e.g.: sustainability reports, company reports, ASX or ABS reports, media coverage, and any other credible source). Identify the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that are relevant to this company. You may consider using the following as a resource: SDG Compass.

Your report should address the following:

1. The major challenges, relating to the implementation of SDGs, facing the company. You are expected to focus briefly on the following issues:
a. What are the current sustainability foci of the company?
b. Explain what factors are driving the company to manage sustainable development more effectively.
c. Are SDGs currently being used by the company (implicitly or explicitly) in planning and reporting?

2. What three (3) SDGs are most relevant to the company and why?

3. Propose and justify innovative, viable strategies for this company in order to meaningfully contribute toward the three (3) SDGs. What would be appropriate targets and/or indicators to evaluate these strategies?

Part B: SDG Work Integrated Learning (WIL) Placement Application (500 words 10%)

You have decided to apply for a role as an SDG consultant as part of your Work Integrated Learning (WIL) placement. You are to prepare an application letter, outlining your knowledge of and capacity to manage in a sustainable, socially responsible and ethical manner.

Use the FMCG company you researched in Part A of this assessment, as your potential employer
In your application letter, you will need to explicitly articulate your knowledge and capacity to manage in a sustainable, socially responsible, and ethical manner, as the key selection criteria for the WIL Placement.

Explain how you believe a WIL opportunity as an SDG consultant in the company will further develop your capacity to manage ethically.

For example: Include examples of the work and analysis you have performed in Part A of this assessment. This will allow you to provide evidence that you have the relevant knowledge, experience and aptitude to work within the company as an SDG consultant.

Your examples can be taken from any experiences you have had, to date. This could include paid work experiences, community-based opportunities, volunteer opportunities or study related experiences.

Deakin Talent provide many resources you may find useful in developing your application letter.

Here are two links to resources related to Key Selection Criteria and Tailoring your application:

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