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About the Assessment

This assessment task has been designed to help document your learning of Enterprise Systems.

It comprises of both team and individual components:

(i) Team Component

(a)Form a team of between 2 – 3 members. Write a team report of about 3000 words on one of the following research topics. The report must include at least one case study to reflect the topic of discussion.

•Digital Business Transformation through Enterprise Systems
•Enterprise systems integration with other organisational systems, such as Cyber-physical Systems and SCADA Systems.
•Security of Enterprise Systems
•Enterprise Systems and Data Management
•Enterprise Systems’ integration with Internet of Things (IoT)
•Cloud-based Enterprise Systems

(b)As a team, select ONE of the above-mentioned research topic and identify relevant peer-reviewed articles.
(c)Each member of the team is expected to select, and summarise at least three peer-reviewed articles (from those identified by the team). (3 Marks)
(d)As a team, all selected papers should be discussed and integrated, hence forming the team report. (12 Marks)
(e)The team report should be submitted through Turnitin
(f)Prepare a 15 minute overview of the findings documented in your Team Report.

•The team presentation must include discuss the findings from the team’s research as presented in the team report. (5 Marks).

(g)You will be assigned to review another team's presentation.

•Write a brief review (half a page) of another team’s presentation (2.5 Marks).

(ii)Individual Component

•Create a good looking and engaging ePortfolio page titled "Your Name_Student number_Enterprise Systems" (5 Marks)
•Upload your individual summary in your ePortfolio
•Upload your team research report in your ePortfolio
•Upload your team presentation in your ePortfolio
•Upload your review of another team's presentation in your ePortfolio
•Write a short reflection (300 words) on your growth and learning from your learning in ITECH 5402 (2.5 Marks)

Mahara e-Portfolio

Mahara allows students to create personal online spaces to access services, store work, create journals, upload files, store resumes, embed social media resources from the web and collaborate with other users in groups and so much more (CLIPP-FedUni).

Mahara can be accessed via the link below:

Why e-Portfolio?

The use of portfolios for student learning and assessment has been a research area for over 35 years (Lambert & Corrin, 2007). One of the primary arguments for e-Portfolios is its ability to demonstrate authentic professional growth associated with practices and outcomes over time. Specifically in a learning context, e-Portfolio presents an opportunity for analysing growth through reflective practice and is in fact considered to represent the application of

a “Framework for Illustrating and Evaluating Growth Through Reflective Practice” developed by

Pitts and Ruggirello (2012). e-Portfolios should be seen as a holistic way in which students document their learning, understanding, and growth throughout their college experience (Ring & Ramirez, 2012).

Creating e-Portfolios as an evidence of learning is an active and dynamic method of demonstrating learning that includes a responsive and reflective reciprocal process. Lee and Pohio (2012)’s cyclical approach for developing e-Portfolios particularly reflects how e-Portfolios can be useful for reflective practice in teaching and learning.

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