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Assessable Tasks

a)  Group Submission

From the WareMart business requirements specified above, prepare a document according to the followings:

1. Use the supplied template for your Assignment submission.
2. An appropriate title page that includes the signatures of all students in the group and an acknowledgement of all students and staff you have spoken to about the assignment.
3. A table of contents and page numbers.

4. An ERD using Crow’s Foot notation. The diagram should include:
a) all entities, attributes, and relationships (including names) ;
b) primary keys (underlined) and foreign keys (italic) identified;
c) cardinality and modality (optional / mandatory) symbols; and
d) assumptions you have made, e.g., how you arrived at the cardinality and/or participation for those not mentioned or clear in the business description, etc.

5. Normalisation of the relations which identifies:
a) dependency diagram for each relation
b) the level of Normalisation achieved for each relation
c) the reasons for any relation that is NOT maintained in 3NF.

6. Relational database schema that translate your ERD and include:
a) relation (table) names,
b) attribute (column ) names and data types (as required by XAMPP or UwAmp),
c) length of each field & its description (e.g., if it is a primary key, a foreign key referring to another table or format, etc.)
d) primary and foreign keys identified;

7. A bibliography, containing all resources used to complete the assignment. If no resources have been used please indicate this appropriately.

b) Individual Presentation / Viva

In the week of the submission due date, students in each group will be required to attend the workshop/lab in-person. The tutor will assess each student via a brief presentation / viva.

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