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Assignment Task
This assignment consists of two deliverables, being:
• Demonstration code (50%). All code relating to this assignment should be contained within a folder named: Task 2 – Your Name – Student Number, the folder is then to be zipped and uploaded to blackboard.
• A report (50%). The report must be uploaded separately.

Part 1 - Demonstration Code (50%)
Important Note: For ease of demonstration, your code must be self-contained. In addition to using Standards based HTML and Python, PETL, Bottle and Parser are the only additional frameworks you should need. If you use others they must be provided and not require installation.

To demonstrate your code, you have been provided with four data sources compiled with fictitious sample data. These are:
• “Offices.csv” contains the information about the government offices,
• “Office_Locations.csv” contains the location coordinates for each office,
• “Services.xml” contains a list of government office services, and
• “Office_Services.csv” contains a list of offices and the services they offer.

Task 1 - Data integration demo.
You are to submit a python script named “data_integration.py” which first clean the data then merge it into one CSV output file named “office_service_locations.csv”.

Task 1.1 Data Cleansing (10 marks)
Clean the data in the phone number field in “Offices.csv” to ensure all phone numbers are in the same format:
(+international_code) regional_code phone_number

That is, all phone numbers should have the international code for Australia “(+61)”, followed by a space, followed by the regional code in two digits, followed by a space, followed by 8 digits of the local phone number. For example, the Brisbane office should be formatted to: (+61) 07 36728709

Whilst regional codes do not always adhere to state boundaries, you may apply the following regional codes for each state:
NSW = 02
VIC = 03
QLD = 07
SA = 09

Task 1.2 Data Merge (10 marks)
Merge the data from all four data sources, and generate output file “office_service_locations.csv” with the following fields (attributes):
    • OfficeServicesID – a unique field identifying each record from Office_Services
    • OfficeID – a foreign key linking to Services from Office_Services
    • Service – the ServiceName from Services
    • OfficeID – a foreign key linking to offices and locations
    • Office – the “Contact Name” from offices
    • Suburb – the “Suburb” from offices
    • Phone – the cleaned “Phone Number” data from offices
    • Email – the “Email” address from offices
    • Lat – from Office_Locations
    • Lon – from Office_Locations

Task 2 – RESTful Web Service Demo
You are to submit a python script named “office_locator.py”.
For tasks 2.1 to 2.2, your script should build a RESTful web service that supports a
‘getoffices’ query from the client browser similar to “/getoffices?serviceid=x”. The server Web Service will return a JSON table with the following fields (attributes): Office, Suburb, Service, Phone, Email, Lat, Lon.

Data is to come from the “office_service_locations.csv” you built in task 1.2.

Task 2.1 Return offices for a service (5 marks)
The server will return a table of records (tuples) of offices offering the service ID passed to it.

Task 2.2 List of Services (5 marks)
To populate your drop-down list in task 3.1, you will need to return a JSON table of all records from “services.csv” with the following fields (attributes): ServiceID, Service. The server should respond to a “getservices” request.

Task 3 Mashup Demo
You are to submit a HTML file “office_map.html” and optionally a CSS file named “office_map.css”.

Task 3.1 Form Layout (5 marks)
You are to create an input form that accepts user input for a particular service. The input for the service should be a drop-down list whose items should be created dynamically from a call to getservices from task 2.2The drop-down list should be accompanied with descriptors and a “Locate Offices” button.

Task 3.2 Google Map (10 marks)
Clicking the “Locate Offices” button will trigger a “getoffices” web service to retrieve a table of offices matching the service with attributes described in task 2. From this data you are to display a Google cluster map marking the position of the returned offices. The map should be centred and zoomed to an appropriate level to show all offices in Australia.

Task 3.3 Information Window Demographics (5 marks)
Upon clicking a marker bubble on the map, the user will be displayed an information window containing: Contact Name, Suburb, Phone Number, and a clickable email address.

Part 2 – Integration Report (50%)
You are required to write a report explaining the theory underlining the key concepts around the design and implementation of your demonstration system. You are also required to explain how to run your code. Finally, you are to include all code submitted in the appendices to the report, note that the code will not count towards the word count.

Report Format
Your report should be no less than 1000 words and it would be best to be no longer than 1500 words.
The report MUST be formatted using the following guidelines:
• Title Page – Must not contain headers, footers, or page numbering. Include your name as the report’s author.
• Header – Report title
• Footer – your name and the page number
• Paragraph text – 12 point Calibri single line spacing
• Headings – Arial in an appropriate type size
• Margins – 2.5cm on all margins
• Page numbering
◦ Executive summary to the last page of Table of Figures to use roman numerals (i, ii, iii, iv)
◦ Introduction and onwards to use conventional numerals (1, 2, 3, 4) starting at page 1 from the introduction.
The report is to be created as a single Microsoft Word document (version 2007 or later). No other format is acceptable and doing so will result in the deduction of marks.

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