Create an E Portfolio Using a Software Tool Named Mahara

Assessment Task 

In this assessment, you have to create an e-portfolio using a software tool named Mahara. You need to make it private with a secret URL for marking purposes. You will copy your e-Portfolio contents into the related part of a provided Assessment 2 template MS Word file for submission. 


Great Korea is a company selling and distributing products for a manufacturer best known in Korean groceries, specialised in several kinds of Korean canned foods and bottled drinks produced in Australia. Great Korea has warehouses geographically distributed in all capital cities in Australian states and territories. Currently, all the business administrative and management activities such as sales, marketing, warehousing, purchasing, staff payroll and customer service are carried out with little use of information and communication technology (ICT). The products are displayed on large warehouse shelves located in numbered isles. The customer service staff members help customers to locate products on request. When a product is sold it is recorded with the receipt printed for customers and on journal roll at the sales terminal. Stocktaking and reorder is done manually by checking items remaining on the shelves and recording items to be ordered. If customers want to know the availability of an item, they have to come to the store or ring and talk to a customer service staff. 

The owners consider the need for being competitive to effectively supply products timely at reduced cost. This requires better management, and effective use of IT. Each warehouse has sales staff, customer service staff in different areas such as sales, marketing, warehouse, distribution, and purchasing. It currently has the purchasing staff who do stock take and prepare for the purchase requisite forms.

Analyse the above scenario, identifying and reporting on the following areas: 

  1. As a Business Analyst (BA), perform a business knowledge audit particularly about the functional units, jobs and roles (who, why, how, what, where and when) in the provided scenario. Provide a brief statement of the problem and business case from the perspective of a BA.
  2. Identify the information to be collected from people with each functional unit’s job knowledge and roles, and include knowledge sources for such information (stakeholder analysis)
  3. Document the business context, the main business processes with functional relation between processes, and justify the appropriateness of any useful cited diagram or your own developed diagram using a modelling tool.
  4. Conclude your findings

You can progressively work on your portfolio creating an e-portfolio and entering your answer. Once you have finished, you can compile the entire e-portfolio and copy your e-portfolio contents into the relevant part of an Assignment 1 template MS Word file for submission. 

You will need knowledge from the required topics covered in Weeks 4 – 7. You should complete the readings suggested in weekly sections provided in the unit Moodle website for these weeks progressively and attempt different parts of your assessment.  

Use other references outside of the suggested readings from credible resources too to support your presented ideas and strengthen your explanations.  

Organisation of e-portfolio 

In a single e-portfolio, provide a logical flow of contents. It should have: 

  1. An introduction
    • Introduce the background and business problem, and the contents of the portfolio.
  2. Business case
    • State the business problem, opportunity for improvement and a business solution applying ICT in your role of a business analyst.
  3. Stakeholder analysis providing knowledge source and data collection required
    • Identify the stakeholders and the knowledge sources including documents for data collection.
  4. Business context
    • Describe the business context for a system solution for the business problem identified. Use diagrams as necessary.
  5. Business processes
    • Identify and document the business processes which become part of the system. Use diagrams as necessary.

 Assignment Submission  

Having created your e-journals in Mahara within the word limit, you make it private to provide a secret URL for marking purposes. You copy your e-journal contents into the relevant part of an Assignment 1 template MS Word file for submission. Complete all items required in the template file before submission.


Assessment Item 2 Marking criteria 


Total Marks: 30%



Marks  Scored  

Introduction: concise and complete  


Business  case:  demonstrates  a  clear  understanding the business problem 


Stakeholder  analysis            and      identification  of knowledge sources 


Business context: clear and complete based on the business case 


Business Process: depiction of main processes and relationship  




Appropriate formatting, correct spelling and grammar 


Referencing: correct in-text referencing and reference list following Harvard reference style 


Correct use of Mahara for e-Portfolio creation  







Plagiarism (as per policy) 




Late submission -1.5 mark (5% of total marks) per working day  




Total Marks