Business Research Assignment 2 | Research

  1. Referencing required for the test

I have checked with the Course Coordinator and there is a requirement for referencing in the online test. This means you need to find suitable, academic references for any theories and models you use and include a reference list at the end for all references cited. I would think you should use in the range of 2-3 different sources cited approx 2-3 times for each answer. More than this guideline would help.

Remember to use the Harvard style of referencing. The two-page booklet on Harvard referencing is on the Learning Materials section of the BlackBoard site for this course in the Academic Referencing section.

  1. General tip on the three components of each answer: review, analyse, evaluation

The instructions for the test include three components, depending on the question: review, analysis and evaluation. What follows is a very brief interpretation of what each of these terms may mean for you in writing your answers.

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  1. Review: a brief review of what the researchers did in their project: what happened?
  2. Analysis: an easy way to think about analysis is to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the project that are relevant to the particular question.
  3. Evaluation: this means did the project make sense, was it believable, on the particular question? Another way to think about this is: what is your opinion about the research on the question given the evidence.

Finally, remember that referencing ALWAYS involves two parts:    (1) in-text citations and (2) the Reference List    It's never one or the other - do both.