Business Research Assignment 3 | Research

  1. Demonstrated understanding of the issues in the question. For example, literature review issues, methodology issues or sampling issues etc. what do they mean and how do they work in the article for that question?
  2. Demonstrated understanding of at least one academic concept regarding the issue in the question. You must use at least one of the academic concepts from the course in relation to the question you answer that is relevant to the article.
  3. Apply a theory to the issues in the selected question. This could dovetail with criterion 2: discuss the theory behind the concept raised in point 2 to analyse the article. (There are usually 2 or 3 - or more - theories behind each concept in academic work. For example, sampling: there are at least 5 different theories about sampling: how to go about it; choose one to analyse the sampling issues).
  4. Referencing. You are expected to reference beyond the article - other academic articles and textbooks such as Zikmund (2016) - as well as referencing the provided article. Remember that referencing ALWAYS has two parts: in-text citations and the Reference List. Cross-check you have them both right before submitting the assignment.

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