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Task Description

You are required to write an open-topic essay that discusses one of the important techniques used in big data, for example, Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS), NoSQL databases, web APIs and data mining, cloud computing, MapReduce, Hadoop, predictive modelling, etc .

Note that your essay should focus on a single topic area in big data, and provide an in-depth and comprehensive discussion on important issues in the area of your focus. Depth is much more important than coverage for this assignment. Hence concentrating on a small topic with your own insight is much better than briefly touching everything superficially. For example, an essay talking about MongoDB or any other specific NoSQL database system and its usefulness in big data applications makes a good topic, whereas one that goes through all different types of general database systems does not, provided that both essays are about the same length.

Doing research is an important step for essay writing, as everything starts with proper reading and finding ideas from the reading materials. In the beginning, you can read the lecture notes to identify an area of your interest for the topic of your essay. However, to gain more understanding and insight, you should not confine your reading to the teaching materials alone. Instead, you need to reach out and look further into the issues of interest by checking out relevant literature, including but not limited to, websites and various online resources, reference books, published journal articles, etc.

Your essay should also be well organised and structured into sections with headings. Each section should focus on a single main point, for e.g. introduction, current techniques and issues, possible future development, summary, etc. A section can usually be further divided into paragraphs depending on the points being covered. You should also include a bibliography or reference section in the end, which contains references to all articles, books and online links that have been cited in the main article. Size 14 font and 1.5 line spacing will be required. Your essay should contain between 2,000 to 3,000 words excluding the reference section. Moreover and importantly, your essay should not just be about facts and findings from the literature, but should also include your own understandings and opinions on the topics discussed backed up by your readings.

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