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Assessment 1: Essay

Assessment Details:

The purpose of the essay is to develop a clear and inspiring vision of what you want to achieve in your career in the near future. In the essay students need to succinctly review the literature, particularly focusing on skills important to the development of their career/profession. Students are expected to critique the literature and to adheres to the word limit. Essay should also contain reference list written in Harvard style. You may also wish to include the important of skills and how it will make a positive difference in your career/profession and role of a professional manager.

Assessment 2:

Assessment Details:

Learning and development plan is the basis for development or enhancement of professional competencies. It provides a basis for assessing and developing key managerial and leadership competencies. Preparation of the L&D Plan is a major task and cannot be treated lightly as the eventual L&D Plan will be a personalised program. Preparation of the individual L&D Plan should follow a structured approach. It is expected that students will adheres to the word limits of 2,500 words and will discuss the following topics in their L&D Plan accompanied by the list of references at the end written in Harvard style.

Section 1:
    Self Introduction. Describe your background, qualifications, experience, etc.

Section 2:
    Megatrends and Challenges. Describe what is happening locally and internationally in the industry/profession of your interest such as challenges, size of investment, competition, intended improvements, etc.

Section 3:    Goals: Describe how do you see yourself in the industry/profession of your interest and the sort of expectations placed on you; what are the goals of your employer/clients? What are your own career goals, how do these fit next to each other etc.

Section 4:    Ethics and Professional Values: Describe in detail what you consider to be appropriate professional values and correct set of ethics to follow in your career/profession and how you can promote ethics in the future. Note that these must be described explicitly and general statement such as I will follow XYZ’s Code of Professional Conduct will not be accepted. Spell out in bullet points what values you would follow and the set of ethics that will guide your professional conduct.

Section 5: 
   Competency Assessment: Present your own self-analysis of Managerial & Leadership competencies along with Socio-cultural & Personal Competencies. Competency metrics (5 stages of competencies) can be used for this purpose. Describe explicitly in your analysis how you plan to address the competency gap between your current and future competency goal. Be 100% honest with yourself while assessing your own competencies. If you genuinely believe that you can meet the criteria indicated in competency metrices at the given level, you should present the corresponding evidence to prove your case. For example, if you believe your Socio-cultural competency is at Informed level you need to demonstrate how you meet the criteria based on 5 stages of competencies. When someone claims to have a certain competency, he or she may well possess that competency but without providing detailed proof no-one can verify that it is the case. For this reason, it is assumed that he/she does not possess the respective competencis unless well demonstrated. One major point to note is that documentation is very critical in this instance and in all other professional endeavours. Present your consolidated competency assessment in both graphical and tabular form. Th examples below are only for the illustration purpose and you should think and present your own case. You can describe in general your deficiencies in each competency unit.

Section 6:
    Competencies improvement/professional development summary: With reference to section 5, describe all areas of competencies you wish to improve and laid out the plan how you are going to improve those competencies. For example, if you have low leadership and Socio-cultural competency and want to improve, the opportunity to develop this competency may come from teamwork, self-management and engagement with other activities during your study period at APIC. You also need to define your professional development scope based on Section 5. For example, the area of competencies gap identified in Section 5 is the scope for professional development and this scope varies per person. In your professional development summary, you also need to find out which projects or industry contexts you would need in order to provide adequate opportunity to develop your competencies. You may use a SWOT analysis to summarise your current strengths and weakness and identify opportunity or threats that stand in your way of acieving your competency goal. One of the smart ways is to identify scope of the project work that you or your team undertake in different unit of studies at APIC that will have the potential to deliver your missing competencies.

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