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Your tasks (Main Report Specifications)

This assignment is essentially a two-part assignment; the first part of the assignment will concentrate on the analysis of the business and the type of data the business uses on a daily basis.

Part A: Upon selecting one of the scenarios, you are required to complete the following requirements.

• Industry background: Review the industry involved in the chosen data set and provide a brief yet comprehensive overview of that industry sector, including brief history*, current environment* and transformations* and future scope* (See Main Submission Requirements/Structure for report layout)
• Business model and environment: Identify the business model best suited to the scenarios as well as identifying their target audience and value proposition. Using the following analysis methods conduct an analysis of the chosen business using SWOT analysis and Porters 5 forces.
• Excel Tasks: Complete the unfinished spreadsheet with appropriate field labels. Also, where necessary provide additional columns (with appropriate formulas) to meet the information needs of the business. Then use the spreadsheet data to identify three (3) trends or insights that a manager can identify to gain a competitive advantage.

Part B:
The second part of the assignment will be mainly focused on developing a non-functioning business website mock-up. As a designer, you may consult with your tutor to ensure you accurately reflect the requirements of your proposed design. You must also consider basic design principles to justify your design and user interface. As well as the web and design elements, a vital part of this assignment is the perceived business advantage; you must be able to prove that the business will benefit from your design. Tasks for this part of the assignment include:

• Design a minimum of three (3) main prototype pages for your proposed website using a software drawing program like Visio, MS paint, etc (DO NOTE use web site builders like Wix and GoDaddy). Including a 1 Main page (homepage) and a Purchasing/bookings page (dependant on the chosen scenario) with a direct design reference to the product categories from the spreadsheet. Also create a simulated output product page.
• Discuss the elements within those pages in relation to the design principles and web usability guidelines (choose 3 HCI design principles and 3 web usability guidelines).
• Identify three (3) additional customer tools and or engagement methods the website can use to increase its competitive advantage.

Your assignment should be presented in the form of a comprehensive report with images to support your statements and proposed designs. It is also expected that the report will also include references from sources external to the ones already provided.Main Submission Requirements/Structure

The structure of your report should include the following:

• Title Page #
• Executive Summary #
• Table of Contents #
• Introduction

Part A: Evaluations of the business:

• Industry Background and Business model and environment (business model type, target audience)
• Value proposition
• SWOT analysis and discussion
• Porters 5 forces Analysis

Table creation and discussion

• Reorder the unstructured data into a coherent spreadsheet with appropriate column labels
• With the use of a formula complete the “Wholesale Price” column.
• Create a new column (with a formula) to show “Retail Sales Total” for each product.
• Add screen shots (2 min) of the spreadsheet to the appendix section. One (1) of the screenshots must be of the formula view of the spreadsheet.

Part B: Information Portal design:

• Design review and justification (Do not use any online website creative service)
• Page designs (x3), including discussion on additional customer engagement techniques Other report components.
• Conclusion (provide brief summary and any additional recommendations)
• Appendix Section # (mandatory)
• Reference List # (mandatory)

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