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Communication channels continue to be an area of great interest to telecommunication operators, radio and microwave equipment manufacturers, and research engineers. Pilot symbols are used to remove the phase ambiguity in the received signal to detect correct bits. The phase ambiguity arises from the channel and carrier offset in the receiver. OFDM multiplexing eliminates the need for equalizers to mitigate the channel effect. However, it is necessary to remove phase ambiguity and it is performed by the pilot symbols. In this assignment, you are required to write a review paper which will review pilot symbol aided channel estimation and in particular for OFDM communication channels.

This requires your reading, understanding and reviewing of current literature on the subject manner. The review should include not less than 10 papers. The more the number of journal and conference articles you review the better.

The review should be very detailed (At least 5 pages). It should have detailed summaries of the papers you have read, written in your own words. Initially give an overview of the pilot symbol aided channel estimation method. Explain the
requirements, different methods, applications, advantages and disadvantages of the pilot symbol aided channel estimation, focused on OFDM multiplexing in your own words to be legible, understandable to an undergraduate final year student.
[Note: You should not cut and paste the equations from people’s papers. Type them yourself and use an equation editor to type them. Also, do not dump Figures and Tables but to legibly have captions for them.]

How Your Assignment will be assessed
You will be assessed as a minimum all of the following:

1. Demonstration of understanding and knowledge of pilot symbol channel estimation as evidenced in your report
2. How you categorize different pilot symbol channel estimation methods
3. Ability to explain the impact of the pilot symbol channel estimation on the future generation of mobile telecommunication network.
4. Ability to critique the papers you have read and to draw relevant conclusions
5. Correct referencing using the IEEE referencing format
6. Presentation of your report and being able to format, number equations, tables and figures appropriately
7. Timely submission of your assignment report

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