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You are a group of Engineering Consultants who work for an Engineering consultancy firm that values innovation and is based on strong ethical principles. Your group has been directed by your firm to select one Perth based Engineering company that shares its values to ensure that there is a good cultural fit when consulting for them.

For the Group Report (20%)
Your firm will need to carry out the following steps:

1. Choose an innovative local company with a focus in the field of engineering. Ensure that this company matches your interest and effectively illustrates innovation.
2. Research this company by:
  ▪ preparing a selected set of references and review them to provide a suitable knowledge base before your visit,
  ▪ gaining a good understanding of the company’s achievements, sense of direction, and current activities (drawing on annual reports and other company brochures),
  ▪ preparing a set of preliminary interview questions, and
  ▪ keeping a record of your contacts with the company.
3. Approach the company several times (if possible) before the actual interview session(s) to enable you to become familiar with the company culture and profile.
4. Revise the interview questions based on anything you find from your visit to the company.
5. Conduct the interview.
6. Write a write a formal business report for your firm’s management. In this report, you will need to:
   ◦ prepare an executive summary of no more than one page, that sets the scene, highlighting the major points from your report and offering recommendations for future innovative action you might take as an engineer employed by the company;
   ◦ profile recent innovative engineering achievements of the company (Up to 3 pages);
   ◦ explore in detail one engineering innovation (process or product) credited to the company, or adopted and implemented by it (Up to 3 pages);
   ◦ identify any aspects of diffusion and entrepreneurship associated with the innovation, emphasising as appropriate the international perspective (1 page);
   ◦ evaluate the organisation’s cross-cultural (in particular Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander) engagement policies where they exist and their possible impacts on their approach to being innovative. If the company does not have such policies, recommend policies that may be appropriate for adoption;
   ◦ show how an engineer with senior status functions as an innovator in the company environment (1 page);
   ◦ comment on circumstances that hinder and/or facilitate innovation in the company (1 page);
   ◦ research best practices as they apply to innovation policy and/or approaches within the industry of your chosen organisation and provide recommendations for improvement;
   ◦ prepare a diagrammatic model summarising the innovation process adopted by the company in relation to one engineering innovation;
   ◦ provide recommendations in relation to case study used in this assignment;
   ◦ outline the challenges faced in producing the required information and how they have been overcome including your recommendations and lessons learnt; and
   ◦ compile a list of references covering your background reading;
   ◦ attach the following documents in the appendix:
     O your evidence of communication with the company seeking co-operation including full details of your contact,
     O a brief letter of thanks to company management following the conclusion of your assignment,
     O a selection of materials describing the company (if available), and
     O the questions you prepared for your interview(s) with company engineer(s).

Submission requirements (if you do not follow these, you will lose marks
    • Use the ECU Cover Sheet
    • Include the names and student numbers of all group members and a clear indication of their contribution to the report (important note: reports without these contribution estimates will not receive any marks, and mark scaling may occur if large contribution discrepancies are indicated).

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