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Critically discuss how your experience in Assessment Task 2 aligned (or did not align) with project management principles. Analyse your experience against at least three (3) knowledge areas. You may choose to use positive or negative experiences, although students tend to learn more from reflecting on negative experiences in a reflective essay. You will be expected to:

• Introduce the essay
• BRIEFLY describe the situation/s you are going to discuss
• Link the experience to the theory we have discussed this session
• Provide insight into how you engaged in, or contributed to, the situation
Provide insight, in light of what you have experienced and learned, into what you would do differently the next time you undertake a project

• Conclude the essay
You must refer to the literature and use at least three (3) different textbook or academic quality references.

Assessment 4: Exam: closed book 35%

You will be advised of the exam date during the study period. Refer to Examinations ( for more information about exams.

You must bring a silent, non-programmable calculator to the exam.

You are permitted to bring the following into the exam room: unmarked (with no highlighting and no added tabs) foreign language translation dictionary (book form only); 1 A4 sheet of double-sided notes, handwritten or printed, to be handed in with the exam paper.

You are not permitted to bring the following into the exam room: electronic devices such as mobile phones, electronic dictionaries and computers.

NOTE: Students are NOT permitted to take anything (including their own A4 page of notes) out of the examination room.

The final examination will be closed book and is scheduled for the end of the study period.

Students will be advised as to when the exam will be held and the format it will take.

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