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1. Introduction:
o Outlines the context, background and purpose of the report
o Refer to How to prepare, develop and write Assignment 2 for examples

2. Background:

The ‘Background’ section sets the context of the organisation, so the reader has some information about the background of the company you are analysing

• Provide background information for the reader.
• List relevant facts, and the most important issues from the case. Do not just describe word-for-word from the case.
o You need to paraphrase and summarise
• Refer to How to prepare, develop and write Assignment 2 for examples

3. Identification of issues and problems:

From the analysis of the case study, identify and discuss problems or challenges that are occurring in the organisation

o There should be at least one problem per issue Analysis of the Case study and Literature:

• A range of key concepts, theories that is in the literature from Topics 1 to 5 inc. has been integrated and incorporated int to your analysis of the organisation
• Draws on the literature to explain a minimum of three issues showing scope and depth of understanding of each issue;
•  Minimum 15 references
• To receive a HD or Distinction you will have to demonstrate that you have also sourced other literature
•  The literature can be a mix of scholarly articles, professional articles and reports
•  The literature should be mostly recent (2014+)
• Use RMIT Library + Google Scholar + Ask A Librarian to source literature
o Refer to How to prepare, develop and write Assignment 2 for examples

4. Discussion

This section interprets the results of the analysis.
o It is here that the findings are woven together and the major issues/themes are identified and discussed.
o Refer to How to prepare, develop and write Assignment 2 for examples


• Develop a range of solutions to the problems you identified in sections 3 and 4
• The solutions need to be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely)
• Justify the solutions with management theory, approaches, concepts and/or models from Topics 1 to 5 inc.

6. Recommendations:

This section recommends specific strategies for accomplishing the most viable (SMART) solution/s from the previous section.

• Viable - of a type that managers can implement in specific time-frames One solution for each of the following time frames.
• Immediate: immediate – 12 months
• Medium term: 1 -2.5 years’ time
• Long term: 2.5 – 5 years’ time

7. Conclusion & Key Learnings: Conclusion:

• will interpret and draw attention to the main points in the body of the report.
• will recaps the main points of evidence from the body of your report.
• concisely states the themes you developed in your analysis.

Key Learnings:

• Offer some new insights into the topic of your report that will help others when managing people
• This section comprises a list of 6 to 8 short statements
•The list can be written as dot points

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