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Metal additive manufacturing (AM) or 3D printing, a process of creating a 3D object by adding materials layer by layer, continues to make deep inroads into the manufacturing sector. However, the lack of performance consistency of additively manufactured metal parts due to microstructural inconsistency precludes its wider application, especially to those that require reliable and repeatable mechanical properties. Building an ability to create reliable parts on a consistent basis will assure quality metal AM production of mission-critical components for use in the most demanding industries such as aerospace, defence and healthcare.

Purpose of Assessment

This project aims to develop a comprehensive and critical understanding of existing issues confronting the metal AM community for a specific metallic alloy of industrial significance that has been made by AM techniques. A project report of approximately 2000 words (excluding abstract & references) with up to 8 figures and 4 tables will be developed by demonstrating in-depth understanding of the metal AM process, theory/literature, and experimental results of the process-microstructure-property relationships.

This project report is worth 30% of the total mark for this unit. With the initial support of several review/overview journal articles, you will select a topic from a provided list or create your own project report topic, conduct a comprehensive literature search/review and write a report in a professional manner including:

• Appropriate section headings and document layout
• Appropriate referencing in IEEE format
• Captions for all figures and tables used
• Consistent professional document style (e.g. same size font, bold titles)
• Correct use of formal and academic language
• The use of spelling checker/grammatical checker
• Valid signed/named/dated SEBE Assignment Coversheet

Project Report Format

The project report should use the format below (or similar) and use an appropriate referencing in IEEE format and conform to the University plagiarism policy.

• Project title
• Abstract (up to 150 words)
• Introduction
• Research problem statement
• Research methodology and experimental design
• Results
• Discussion
• Conclusions
• References

2. Project Presentation 1 (10%)

Week 6: 10am-12pm, Thursday, 11th April & 2pm-4pm, Friday, 12 April 2019

Week 7 10am-12pm, Thursday, 18th April & 2pm-4pm, Friday, 19 April 2019

Submission of PPT slides to DeakinSync: Week 6, 9am, Wednesday, 10th April 2019

Purpose of Assessment

This assessment task is an oral presentation where students must demonstrate that they can clearly and professionally communicate their understanding of the project report to a technical audience. Each student will provide a succinct oral summary of the project report and be prepared for answering technical questions. The key focuses of this assessment are how well the student can communicate their understanding to the audience and whether the student is able to address the questions in an appropriate and professional manner.

The presentation will be 5 minutes plus 3-5 minutes for questions (maximum 10 min). ALL students must present at their scheduled time in their studios during Week 6 and Week 7 of trimester. Your slides and any other presentation media should be uploaded to the unit site in DeakinSync by the submission deadline.

Assessment Criteria

This project presentation is worth 10% of the total mark for this unit. The assessment criteria will include:

• Audience engagement –
attract and maintain the attention of the audience through use of speaking techniques that may include: variability in tone and expression, eye contact, humour, clear analogies, etc.
• Visual engagement – appropriate use of supporting visual materials and media.
• Structure and timing – presentation is easy to understand, flows well from each section and has an appropriate amount of time dedicated to each section.
• Coverage and relevance – appropriate depth and breadth of technical information so that the audience can understand the importance of the research work, current research gaps, latest developments, your critical thinking and analysis, future perspectives as well as current research limitations.
• Justification and analysis – convey a clear understanding of the relevant literature in justifying the research necessity and conclusions, and in answering questions.

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