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FAQs Q. How do online students complete this assessment?

All students, regardless of whether they are standard or online delivery, will submit their oral presentation as a powerpoint presentation online with a recorded voice over.

Q. How long does the presentation have to be?

Your presentation should be five (5) minutes. However, you are granted some leniency to go for four (4) to six (6) minutes. Please ensure your presentation is NOT shorter than four (4) minutes, or longer than six (6) minutes.

Q. Is there marking criteria for this assessment?

Yes! Please ensure you consult the marking criteria, which is uploaded in the assessment section on Moodle

Q. I have viewed the videos on how to record audio over my powerpoint and I am still confused. Who can I talk to?

Please go to this page: https://federation.edu.au/current-students#Learning_and_study There are many resources you can use for support. You can always contact student services and ask for advice on who to contact for technically support.

Q. Referencing?? APA Style??

Referencing is important as it communicates to your assessor that you have accessed appropriate sources and research during your assignment. For more information on the importance of referencing, please access this link: https://federation.edu.au/current-students/learning-and-study/online-help-with/referencing

Different study areas use different forms of referencing (e.g., Harvard style, Chicago style). However, in health sciences and education, the commonly used referencing style is APA (American Psychological Association). For specific information about APA referencing, please access this link: http://federation.edu.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0020/313328/FEDUNI-GENERAL-GUIDE-TO-REFERENCING-2016-EDITION_ed.pdf and go to PAGE 9.

Q. Is there a specific style for my powerpoint slides?

No, just ensure the slides are professionally presented. Try to avoid text heavy slides, and difficult colours (i.e., brown text on black background).

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