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1. Convert binary 101111 to decimal?
2. Convert decimal 195 to octal?
3. Convert decimal 789 to hexadecimal?
4. The smallest unit in a digital system is a.....
5. Which of the following is invalid hexadecimal number?
6. What is the location of the internal registers of CPU?
7. One byte equals to how many bits ?4 bits8 bits12 bits16 bits
8. Whenever CPU detects an interrupt, what it does with current state?
9. Convert 1046.2748 Octal number to Decimal
10. Which among following is Volatile?
11. RISC stands for?

1. A universal logic gate is one which can be used to generate any logic ...
2. The decimal equivalent of the excess-3 number 110010100011.01110101 is
3. A three digit decimal number requires ________ for representation in ...
4. When numbers, letters or words are represented by a special group of ...
5. Add the two BCD numbers: 1001 + 0100 = ?
6. Binary coded decimal is a combination of
7. (A + B)(A’ * B’) = ?
8. DeMorgan’s theorem states that
9. According to boolean law: A + 1 = ?
10. The expression for Absorption law is given by

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