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Your task is to analyse a business case study that chronicles a series of social media events that had negative consequences for Sunshine 100, an organisation specialising in responsible foods. This case places you directly into the role of the Director of Social Media, Jane Wilson.

The case highlights the need to:
• Recognise the impact of social media on organisations can be serious with employers held vicariously liable for employees’ conduct on social media even when comments are made outside of the workplace and office hours. Organisations can also have their reputation and brand damaged by comments made by employees.
• Evaluate how an organisation can develop a social media policy.
• Devise appropriate strategies for communicating the company’s social media policy to staff.

2. What is a case study?

• Cases are like short stories, in that they present a slice of life.
• They are usually about real people, organisations and problems although often the names may be disguised).
• The case odes not present a structured body of knowledge. Cases are frequently ambiguous and represents what practitioners usually face when making decisions.
• A case study analysis requires you to investigate a business problem, examine the alternative solutions, and propose the most effective solution using supporting evidence.
• In cases problems van be solved in a variety of ways. There is no perfect solution.
• Forget the notion of finding an ‘answer’ to the problem. The goal is to involve yourself in the active process of recognising and solving general management problems.
• The problem case describes a specific problem a manger faces and calls for the development of specific strategies, leading to a specific recommendation.

Understanding analysis
Looking Below the Surface

There are many personal characteristics that influence what we do: skills, knowledge, social role, self image, traits and motives. These various characteristics exist at different levels of consciousness. You can think of these characteristics as being levels of an iceberg.
The most conscious ones, our behaviour, are those above water on the visible tip of the iceberg.
Deep below the ‘water line’ are our core values. These are primarily learned ideas of what is good, right, desirable, and acceptable -- as well as what is bad, wrong,
undesirable, and unacceptable

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