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Question 1: With the help of diagram/s explain the concept of cell splitting. (3 marks)

Question 2:

    Based on the antenna parameters (antenna Type, Height, Power, Area etc.) shown in Fig1,compare the results shown in Fig.2 and Fig.3 and discuss your findings. (7 marks)

   Fig 4 and Fig 5 shows the Co-channel interference and Adjacent Channel interference respectively of the design, comment on the event highlighted in the results and its reasoning of why Co-Channel interference is high (shown with red dots) and why adjacent channel interference is zero. (5 marks)

Figure 1 : Base Station Parameters (Antenna Radiation pattern also shown)

Figure 2: Signal Strength with Flat surface

Figure 3: Signal Strength with Geographical database

Figure 4: Co-channel Interference

Figure 5: adjacent channel Interference

Question 3:

Telstra is licenced to provide Telecommunication services in Australia. Telstra has contacted your company CSU Communications to assist them in designing the network for the below area (area dimensions are shown in Fig 6 and Geographical area is shown in Fig 7 (with Morphology). In your design provide the following information; Base station sites locations, Antenna specification and Antenna orientation and justify you design. (8 marks)

Figure 6: Area Dimensions

Figure 7: Geographical Area with Morphology

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