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Hamilton Island is located off the northeastern coast of Australia in the Great Barrier Reef. With its own airport, extensive convention and exhibition space, and a range of retail shops and luxury hotels/resorts, Hamilton Island is a popular destination for tourists and business travelers alike.

Australia’s Hamilton Island is seeking facilities for improves connectivity with complete High-Speed Internet Access solution and a fast and improved connection to Internet access gateway.


• With a variety of venues (multiple sites i.e. Hotel, Restaurant, Exhibition space, shopping area and outdoor sports and swimming venue) spread out over a wide area, Hamilton Island needed a high-speed Internet access (HSIA) solution that could provide quality Internet access for both guests and staff across the entire island.
• The present HSIA solution is not capable to handle the demand for bandwidth, especially during peak times of use, resulting in a slow Internet connection and dissatisfied guests.
• Hamilton Island required additional controls to manage appropriate staff access to the Internet networks.


A significant improvement is required in the following facilities/services;
• Quality of Service
• Productivity
• Scalability
• Roaming
• Analytics

You are required to propose a detailed solution for the above discussed problem addressing all the challenges and write a report about it.

There are three (3) areas to consider for advanced network design in this assignment.

1. Propose a detailed design/layout for a resort/hotel having multiple indoor and outdoor sites;
2. Design/Propose LAN (including Wireless LAN) and WAN services for the users
3. Research about LAN, wireless LAN and WAN technologies (Equipment, protocols and services)
4. Report must include:

Introduction    (03 marks)

Site map/diagram (this need to be virtually assumed according to you own assumption/thinking) (02 marks)
Scopes and Limitations    (10 marks)
Solution/Design    (15 marks)

a. Logical Design and physical Design
b. Network structure/topologies
Protocols, technologies and services    (10 marks)
c. IP addressing
d. Security features, policies, redundancy
e. Provision of wired and wireless internet for staff and student

WAN and LAN Services design and analysis    (05 marks)
Internet    (05 marks)
Summary    (05 marks)
References    (05 marks)

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