Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

For an individual, what matters the most is its privacy. We, at Assignment Help 4 Me believe it and take care of our students’ personal as well as account details.

Many students muddle up in the fear of the leakage of the information shared while placing an order. But, you need not do it once you are here. Read our Privacy Policy to avoid any misunderstanding in future.

Before hitting the quick order button, spend a few minutes to give a read to the policies.

  • Wherever you find the word ‘we,’ it refers to Assignment help 4 me.
  • We do not outflow any students’ details. They are safe with us.
  • The question of outsourcing of your information (name, address, email address etc.) to third force does not even arise at our platform.
  • We keep our writers and all the other employees’ details with us. You cannot ask to directly contact our writing team.
  • We have no clue of your credit and debit card details. It is just between you and the payment gateway you have chosen.
  • Our server gets your
    • IP address
    • ISP information
    • Nation/Area
  • We use your details to
    • revert your queries
    • deliver your assignments
    • contact you for further details like the format and guidelines

When it comes to law and order, we have the right to disclose your information to the arbiters. We cannot deny unveiling it as it is related to the country’s judiciary. If we would try to do it then it will go against the rules of court proceedings.

Assignment Help 4 Me reserves the right to make changes to our privacy policies without any prior notice. In order to stay updated with the terms and the policies, we recommend you review this page often. We expect you to accept our policies.

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