Operating System Assignment Help Online

Operating System Assignment Help Online

Operating System: History

In 1940’s, the electronic computers were made without any operating system. All the programming was accomplished in the machine language. During this specific computer generation, they were mainly utilised to solve the easy calculations of mathematics due to which there was no need for an operating system to do this simple task. Similarly, the second, third and fourth generation operating system was launched. Currently, the fourth generation operating systems are used which mainly involve Windows which was made in the year 1975. This operating system is currently used in different types of technologies today with the release of Window 98, Windows XP, and others. Operating systems offer a collection of different functions required and utilised by programs of many applications on the computer as well as links required to synchronise and control the computer hardware. With the growth of complexity about application programs and hardware eventually created operating systems a necessary thing to use on a daily basis. The students, who want to attain more information about the history of the operating system and other different aspects related to this topic, must search for online assignment help so that they can get all necessary information about this.

Categorization of Operating System

The operating system is classified into several categories like:

  • Multiuser Operating System

In this operating system, more the one user can utilise the same system at a time.

  • Multiprogramming Operating System

It can use more than one program at a time, and there can also perform multitasking.

  • Multitasking Operating System

In this, one or more than one task can be performed at a time but executed one by one.

  • Multiprocessing Operating System

This operating system can support the execution of several procedures at a time with the use of various CPUs due to which it is considered as an expensive OS.

  • Multithreading

This operating system can separate the procedure into different threads as well as execute them, which increases the speed of operating system and complexity also.

  • Batch Processing

Batch Processing is a set of a processing system in which all needed input about all the processing tasks is given an individual.

  • Online Processing

Online Processing is defined as an operating system of an individual in which every task or activity is processed by an individual as given by the user.

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Functions of Operating System

Different functions of the operating system are:

Management of resources: Programs that handle the computer-related resources like mouse, memory, monitor, keyboard etc.

Offering user interfaces: GUI is also known as developers make to permit the users to check something without knowing icons.

Running Applications: It can run the applications like word processor by locating as well as stacking it into primary memory.

Control different computer programs: All the programs that require computer hardware should go via OS (Operating System) which can also be accessed via BIOS or some other drivers of a device.

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Various examples related to Operating System

Here are some examples related to the operating system:

DOS: DOS is also known as disk operating system which was created initially for the personal computers.

Windows: This is a product of Microsoft which is also known as GUI operating system. This type of operating system is said to have various features related to WIMP features such as:

  • Windows
  • Icons
  • Menus
  • Pointing Device or Mouse

MacOS: It is also called as Macintosh which is an Apple’s product that has its OS GUI as well as WIMP features.

UNIX to LINUX: There were developed with the command- line interfaces but added some GUI improvements recently.

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