Management information system can be visualised as a tool of communication and planning provides numerous benefits to an organisation such as making an organisation aware of its areas of strengths and weaknesses by presenting in the reports and analysis of various departments, helping in aligning the business processes by getting feedback from customers. All this eventually helps in making the marketing decisions efficient.

There are various departments fall under the category of management information system such as marketing information systems, executive information systems, and decision support systems etc. It also has a crucial role in supply chain management, enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management and other spheres of business prospects. Due to its numerous advantages, MIS is included as an important subject or course in the business studies in various universities.

Management information system is the study of the relationship between technology, people and the organisation. Data management is done with the help of management information system in which data is analyzed and searched. The system is aimed at making the business realise the potential of making investments in different areas such as technology, personnel etc. The basic difference between management information system and other information systems is that it facilitates and analyses operational and strategic activities. The decision-making process is made more efficient with the help of establishing a relationship among different aspects of a business process which help to generate useful information.

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