Information technology is a vast field gaining importance with the advancement in the technology. There are vast fields covered by information technology. It includes the implementation and application of computers and other equipment related to telecommunication used in various areas of business enterprises. It used for storing information, retrieving it and manipulating it.  Almost every organisation in today's world makes use of information technology for running the businesses.

In universities, the IT courses are taken up in order to make the students learn about the various applications of computer technology having a wide scope in the modern world. This involves both the hardware and software aspects of the computer technology required for the development of software, selecting the required hardware components for an organisation, and integration of products. This also finds applications in a lot of business processes and in their management.

Courses in information technology provide the students with a number of career opportunities. Hence, it becomes mandatory for the students have taken up any of the IT courses to grab all the fundamentals of IT thoroughly. It is required to crack the paper correctly that is necessary in order to get a good result.

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